The beginning of something Tiny!

Every blog must have a beginning, and this is ours.

As long-time tiny enthusiasts, we've scoured many blogs, books, websites and YouTube videos over the years.  The tiny home movement and community is truly incredible!  And now it's our turn to contribute in some small way by sharing through this blog.

In the coming posts, we'll be sharing ideas and inspiration for living and building tiny.  Expect lots of pictures!  We'll also keep you posted on updates to legislation at the federal, state and local levels.  It's not as sexy, but it's definitely important, and we're following it closely.  As we continue to grow our business, we'll also give you updates on how things are going for us--from new products/services to lessons learned to new projects on the horizon.

If you have special requests or want to read more on a particular topic, let us know! 

Happy reading, and enjoy the journey!  :)