The SPRINGS is a spacious and functional offering 200 sq ft on the main level, a 65 sq ft loft plus a 100 sq ft roof top deck to take in the views.

Available in 20', 24', 28' lengths this Configurable is perfect for the taking in the outdoors, a sportsman's cabin or lake-shore getaway.

220 square feet, main level area
7’6” minimum ceiling height
8’ loft with window opening
Single door
20-foot kit starts at $7,985 (trailer sold separately)

springs lowside view.jpg
springs rear view.jpg
Springs Main View Color Rendering.png
springs steel framed view.jpg
springs highside view.jpg
springs floorplan birds eye.jpg

Make this model your own.
We used the engineering precision in our CAD systems to design in a range of configuration options.
Tweak the plan from a matrix of door and window opening configurations, without the complexity and time of a custom design.


Engineered lightweight steel frames for tiny homes