tiny house kits

Feeling handy?  Want to build your own tiny house?  We have kits for that!

Our Tiny House Kits come with the pieces you need to erect your own house exterior shell.  And we really do mean "erect."  Get the steel framing, anchoring and erection hardware at an affordable price, select from add-ons like sub-floor materials, sheathing, metal roofing and even a tiny house trailer (with the Complete kit option). It's just like putting together a puzzle or erector set.  Tiny Home Kits are a great way to save money and have an unforgettable experience building your own home.  (Also check out our shells if you want us to do more of the work.)

Tiny home kit prices from $15,850-$25,850 depending upon the style and options you select.


What's included?

We offer three packages. Select from the options that will suite you the best. Below is an example of a Complete Kit with optional CNC pre-cut structural sheathing and trailer foundation.

Kit Packages.png